Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Aidan Funnies #3

Until I make the time to write Lincoln's birth story (I'm so excited to write it! I don't want to forget any of the details), here are a few things Aidan has said that I don't want to forget.


Me, showing him that I don't have any shoes or socks on my feet, "I have bare feet!"
Aidan: "Bear feet?" Then runs into his room, takes off his socks, and runs back. He points to his feet and says, "Bear feet!" and then roars like a bear.

We were driving home and Jayze sped up, trying to make a yellow light. He got through just as the light turned red. Aidan called out, "Good racing, Daddy!"

Aidan, eating something he doesn't want to: "My tongue says no. My tummy says no."

Aidan: "You're breaking my heart!" Then kisses himself better.

Talking to Kimball, "Come here, Kimball!"

"Mom! Take a picture!"

I bought him some kid scissors and was showing him how to use them. He started cutting the construction paper and said, "I'm cutting the paper's hair! Haha, just kidding. Paper doesn't have hair!"

Aidan: "Say please, Kimball. Not like that! Like this, 'Pleeeeease!'"

Aidan: "Going to bed is not my favorite."

He loves running. LOVES it. He'll run back and forth from our living room to his bedroom all the time and say, "I'm super fast! Like Flash and Superman!"

Jayze told me what Aidan had prayed for one night..."Please bless that I can be Captain American when I turn 15."

Aidan: "I need to go potty."
Me: "Okay, go potty! Quick, quick, quick!"
Aidan: "Okay, I'm quicking!"

"I'm not tired. I don't want to go down for my nap." (crashes on the living room floor)

While opening the blinds, I said, "Look, the sun's awake!"
Aidan: "Good morning, sun! He's going to eat oatmeal like me!"

After driving by a school bus, Aidan said, "When I turn five I get to go to school."
Me: "Yep!"
Aidan: "And you will miss me so much..."
Me: "Yes, but I'll be glad that you're growing up and learning."
Aidan: "...And you will be very, very sad...but I will tell you about it."

Aidan: "I burped!"
Me: "Say, excuse me!"
Aidan: "Eskonkie!"
Me: "Eskonkie?"
Aidan: "Yeah, that's excuse me in Spanish."

Pointing my phone's camera at Lincoln, Aidan said in a high-pitched, sweet voice, "He's so cute!"

Aidan: "Lincoln's awake!"
Lincoln moves his head a little and opens his mouth.
Aidan: "He's talking to me!"
Me: "Oh yeah? What's he saying?"
Aidan: "I love you!"

I love how we can have a conversation now, and he understands so much! He's one cute kid, and I love him. 

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Flake Family Letter 2017

Dear Family and Friends,

This year was a lot less crazy than last year (for example, we only moved once instead of twice! And just down the street instead of across the country). We were grateful for the calmer year because it gave us opportunities to slow down, refocus, and center our lives on what matters most - our family and our Savior Jesus Christ.

This year we enjoyed becoming more familiar with Wichita, Jayze's work, and the people in our ward. We also celebrated five years of marriage in July, finished reading the Book of Mormon as a family, and are expecting another baby boy at the beginning of February.

Jayze: Has really enjoyed all the time and activities he was able to spend with Sarah and the kids. Zoo days, Costco runs, playing catch at the park, attending community events, playing games at home, and cooking were some of his favorites.

In October he was invited to run with a couple of our friends in the Kansas City Half Marathon. He had a blast, and it got the running bug in his system again. He hopes to do another running event in 2018!

Jayze is still the Youth Sunday School teacher in our ward (teaches ages 12-18), and it is still his favorite calling ever.

Sarah: Made a goal to write on her blog ( four times a month for the entire year and was pretty close to achieving it! She's grateful she wrote more because it's been a wonderful way to preserve precious memories and pictures and keep in touch with friends and family we don't live by anymore.

She was really, really, REALLY excited when we finally bought a second car in October. It's meant going to the grocery store with the kids during the day, more time playing at the park, and running much-needed errands without having to drop Jayze off at work first. It's been a huge blessing in so many ways.

Sarah is still the 1st Counselor in Young Women's and loves each of the girls so much.

Alma: We got to visit him twice this year! Once in February to visit Jayze's family and the second time in September during a mini-reunion on Sarah's side of the family. Aidan talks about him more and sometimes includes him in his prayers at night. For his birthday we visited the police station and dropped off goodies. We're grateful for his influence and love in our lives.

Aidan: Turned 3 years old in September! He is an awesome big brother to Kimball and a great helper to his mom. He knows his ABC's, can almost count to 20, and is potty trained (yay!). He is still obsessed with Lightning McQueen, but after watching Cars 3, started leaning towards Cruz ("the yellow car") and Jackson Storm.

Aidan loves saying prayers, playing catch, running, going to the park, reading books, and teasing Mommy and Daddy. Although he loved nursery, he was excited (and ready) to start Primary in January. His favorite song right now is "Nephi's Courage," (although "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" is a close second since we started singing Christmas songs). We love Aidan and his sassy, sweet self.

Kimball: Turned 19 months old on December 10. He loves going to nursery, playing with cars, reading books, and laughing at bedtime with Aidan. It's been fun to watch him grow from an infant to a sweet, happy-go-lucky toddler. He's a great imitator (since Aidan's into counting, Kimball now "knows" the numbers 3 and 4). He loves repeating words back to us during prayers, scripture reading, and whatever else Aidan tries to get him to say.

He's definitely a Daddy's boy, although he likes coming to mom for kisses and comfort when he gets hurt. Kimball brings an added measure of joy into our home, and we're so grateful for him.

We hope this letter finds all of you happy and well and that you had a very Merry Christmas and will have a very Happy New Year!


Jayze, Sarah, and the boys

Thursday, January 18, 2018

2017 Moments

Some of my favorite moments from 2017:

- January - 

Zoo Day
(one of many throughout the year) 

New resolve to consistently exercise (and we did pretty well!)

Kimball turned 8 months old

- February -

Mom life

- March -

- April -

- May - 

Aidan vacuuming

First time wanted to help me vacuum by himself


Decided to go through all of my clothes, papers, crafts, and so on and clean it out like crazy. It's made a huge difference.

- June - 

Date night

One of my favorite date nights of the year. Super relaxed. 

Expecting Baby #4

But only family knew at this point. 

- July -

Jayze's parents came to visit

Cars 3

Even though we switched places being in the hall with K most of the time, going to Cars 3 in the theater was so fun. 

July 24

Attended the July 24th mini celebration our stake put on. Aidan's first time bobbing for apples.

- August -


Liberty Jail

Liberty Jail is only about 3.5 hours from us. My second or third time and Jayze's and the kids' first time. So grateful for the Prophet Joseph Smith.

- September -

Exploration Place

The Exploration Place is in downtown Wichita and had been on our bucket list since we moved to Wichita. It's a science museum, and we'd heard so many good things about it. We went with some friends, and all of us had a blast. 

Derby Fall Festival

Found out gender/19 weeks along

Found out we were having a baby boy just a few days before we traveled to AZ. We celebrated at Krispy Kremes and then told our family the news during the trip. 

- October - 

Bought a second car!

Game changer. We went to the zoo as soon as our car was registered!

Pumpkin Patch

Going to the pumpkin patch and picking out a few pumpkins is one of my favorite family traditions (Jayze's and mine). We love carving one of them for a jack o' lantern and then cutting up, roasting, and pureeing the rest. This year's pumpkin patch was just the ticket, too. 


Green screen like Gal Gadot. ;)

- November -

In the Kitchen
(probably my favorite post of the year)

Wichita Art Museum
Another thing in Wichita we crossed off our bucket list. It was free that day, so we went! 

30 Weeks Along

Carriage ride

Kicked off the Christmas season with a free carriage ride. Loved it!

- December -


Star Wars

Jayze and I got to go on a date! We went out to eat and then watched the new Star Wars. I think it was the last movie date for awhile because despite going to the bathroom twice right before the movie, I still had to go sooo bad when it was over! 

New Years Eve

We don't have any set traditions for New Years Eve except for drinking sparkling apple cider. So that's what we did! When the kids were in bed, Jayze and I played games and I think we might have watched a movie. And we actually made it just barely past midnight before we went to bed. It was a great way to end 2017. 

- Other picture favorites from the year -

32 weeks

See you later, 2017!